ADGA By-Laws



The name of this organization is the “Albuquerque Disc Golf Association” hereafter referred to as ADGA or “the Club.” This name may be changed with a 2/3 majority vote at an All Member Meeting (see ‘All Member Meetings’).


The purpose of the ADGA is to promote the development of disc golf and other disc activities through organization, cooperation, and competition. The overall mission is to:

  • Be responsible for all course-related matters, such as future planning, course improvement, course maintenance, and basket placement.
  • Serve as a working partner with local city, county, state, and federal agencies within the Albuquerque Metropolitan area for course-related issues and disc golf activities involving the greater disc golf community.
  • Organize and coordinate the efforts of member volunteers to increase the quality and quantity of disc activities in the Rio Grande Valley and greater Albuquerque area.
  • To provide information on disc golf and other disc related activities.
  • Educate its members and the community on the benefits and joy of “disc play.”
  • Emphasize safety by encouraging all players to ensure, as best as possible, that other users of local parks are clear of potential disc flight paths before throwing.


Membership dues and benefits are to be reviewed and determined by the Board following the first all-member meeting each calendar year.  

Membership will be determined by enrollment in the club directory prior to the end of February.

Any person who wishes to be a part of the Albuquerque Disc Golf Community and agrees to support and uphold the mission of the Club may join.

An active membership requires that the member has paid current annual dues set by the club officers that coincides with the set calendar year.

Privileges of membership include:

  • The right to vote at any All Member meetings, including ADGA elections and amendments to these bylaws
  • The right to hold elected office or be a member of a committee
  • The responsibility of assisting with ADGA functions where applicable and able
  • Additional privileges and rights may be expanded by the Board by majority vote

All former members who are not current with their club dues will regain their ‘Active’ status, with all rights, by paying the current yearly dues. The yearly membership period starts and stops the end of February of each year.

Anyone joining after the annual meeting, but before the end of February will be given full membership privileges for the remainder of that year and will need to pay their dues again each year.

Membership may be revoked or suspended by a majority of the Board of Directors for conduct that reflects negatively on the Club or the Board Members.


The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the ADGA and will hereafter be referred to as “the Board.” Any decision that has significant impact on the Club shall be by majority vote of the entire Board. Examples include, but are not limited to course design and layout, signage, decisions to hold local tournaments, major expenditures, changes to bylaws, and any disciplinary-related actions. Bylaw changes may be proposed by a majority vote of the board, with final approval and adoption requiring a 2/3 majority vote at an All-member meeting.

Executive Board positions are two year terms, while At-Large Board members are re-elected annually. President and Vice-President elections shall occur on odd-number years. Treasurer and Secretary elections shall occur on even-number years.

Board members are elected via an on-line or email vote. Nominations will be posted to the Albuquerque Disc Golf Facebook page and sent out through the member directory (via text message or email). Voting will commence in February and end after one (1) week.

Members, who are active to run for office, can nominate themselves or other willing, active members for an office. A member may suggest another member for a nomination, but it must be accepted by that member to be considered valid. Current officers will be automatically included unless they request to be withdrawn. Write-in votes will be counted.

Officers include:


Vice President



Board member(s)-at-large

The President and Vice President will be elected in a single vote where the candidate with the most votes will be President and the candidate with the second most votes will be Vice President.

Secretary, Treasurer, and Board members-at-large will be elected independently.

Ties will be decided by a run off election vote to be done immediately. If the office remains a tie, it will be decided by the highest ranking officer, whom is present and is not involved with the tie. The officers are ranked in the order shown above.

Any officer who resigns will have a replacement appointed by the board (by majority vote) for the remainder of the term. No more than three (3) Board members-at-large shall be elected at a given time. In periods where board membership is even, the President shall abstain unless a deciding vote is required. Board size can be changed through an all-member vote requiring a 2/3 majority. The roles described below can be modified by majority vote of the board.

Additional Board positions may be added, as necessary, but shall require an amendment to these bylaws as described herein.

Board members shall serve the ADGA on a strictly voluntary basis with no monetary or material compensation. Reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the Club by Board members will be paid by ADGA funds.

No officer shall be personally liable for any debts or liabilities of the Club in general, unless said Board Member’s acts or omissions, causing such debts or liabilities, involve willful or wanton misconduct. No officer shall gain any personal profit from the actions of the Club.

An officer may be impeached once they miss three (3) scheduled meetings without approval from the board. Upon missing the third meeting the current board members must discuss and make a decision about impeachment. Once a decision has been made the President, or highest ranking board member, will notify the impeached officer. If it is the President being impeached, the Vice President will then assume the role of President.


The President will:

  • Preside at all meetings of the executive board and All Member Meetings
  • Organize and set agendas for club and Board meetings
  • Give final approval/authorization for club purchases
  • Brainstorm and help execute ideas for community involvement including appointment of committee heads with approval of the board
  • Run or assist with all club-sponsored activities
  • Manages the maintenance of the club image and act as media representative
  • Review league and tournament forms for club sponsored events
  • Help manage club finances

The Vice President will:

  • Assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President
  • Perform duties as are assigned by the President
  • Assist with functions of the club
  • Manages activities that sustain and increase the number of members in the club
  • Organize programs to maintain a positive image of the club through local publicity campaigns and ongoing interaction with the disc golf community
  • Serve key supportive role in local tournaments by securing all help from club members as needed to ensure a successful tournament

The Historian/Secretary will:

  • Record the minutes of the board and All Member meetings
  • Post the minutes on Albuquerque Disc Golf Association Facebook page after approval by the board members
  • Read for review the minutes at the next meeting
  • Maintain membership database
  • Maintain club records for historical purposes

The Treasurer will:

  • Safeguard club finances
  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the Board
  • Advise on fundraising and fund management decisions
  • Maintain system for proper record and bookkeeping for club finances
  • Ensure proper records are kept

The Board Member(s)-at-large will:

  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Serve as liaison between general membership and Board of Directors
  • Help meet specific strategic needs related to the club’s mission and goals as established by the President
  • Participate as members of identified club sub-committees, when appropriate.


To complement the work of the Board of Directors and ensure continuity through leadership changes, the Board is authorized to select and appoint up to three Trustees. Club Trustees are respected club members with a long standing history of club membership, participation, and service to the club. Appointments are for (up to) one year, but can be renewed by the Board.

Trustees can:

  • Be invited on occasion to meet with or participate with the Board in an advisory, non-voting capacity
  • Assist with operations as requested by the Board
  • Perform incidental duties as requested by the Board


At any time, the President may convene special committees comprised of at least two (2) Board Members, focused on both short- and long-term goals of the Club. These subgroups are to be clearly defined by name, purpose, specific goals, and Board membership. A member of each subcommittee is to report on progress toward identified goals at each board meeting. Disbanding occurs when the goals of the committee have been met or at the discretion of the Board, determined by a simple-majority vote.


Board meetings are to be held monthly or as directed by the President. (a) A majority of board members constitutes a quorum. (b) In absence of a quorum, no formal action shall be taken except to adjourn the meeting to a subsequent date.

Votes at regular scheduled board meetings are decided by a majority of those officers in attendance at the time of the vote. Specially called meetings are decided by a majority of all officers (those in attendance or absent). In either case, an officer may vote by proxy or absentee for all known votes.

Board meetings are open to all active members and other invited guests, but only officers are allowed to vote. Visitors planning on attending board meetings are encouraged to call the President or Secretary beforehand.


For all open positions the board may decide to hold an election at an All Member Meeting or to appoint a current willing member into the open position. All Member Meetings are to be held each Spring and when directed by the President. The board may also vote to hold an All Member Meeting. All Member Meetings must be publicly posted for at least seven (7) days in advance. A public posting must be clearly posted at any of the following: Roosevelt Park, Brent Baca Memorial Disc Golf Course, Ladera, Vista Hills Park, Canyon Park, and on the Albuquerque Disc Golf Facebook page.

Votes at an All Member Meeting are decided by a majority of attending active members. Changes to Club bylaws require a 2/3 majority vote of attending members. All Member meetings are open to all, but only active members may vote.

Most day-to-day decisions will be decided by a vote of the officers, but they may choose to put decisions to an all members vote. Any additions or changes in the ADGA bylaws, ADGA name change, or election of officers must be put to an All Members vote. Absentee and proxy votes will be allowed at both Board and All Member Meetings.


Should the ADGA be dissolved, all material possessions of the organization must be sold and the moneys obtained from the sale divided equally among all active members after all bills have been paid. The board, if still intact, may otherwise choose to donate any or all possessions to another disc golf club, organization, park, or worthy group.